Anyone good with carbs/small engines?

I have a 97 Yamaha Wolverine 350 that is having some issues, I spent the day replacing all the jets and gaskets on the thing, connected it back up to the airbox, engine and fuel, it turned right over and idled stronger than it ever has. I revved the engine and it sounded strong and even. Put the ATV back together and… » 3/30/14 10:39pm 3/30/14 10:39pm

Anyone ever replace one of these yourself on a 3800 Series 2

I had the upper and lower gaskets done a year ago, they did the lower manifold as well, but reused the upper. The upper is leaking again and never really stopped smelling like oil, I had a shop confirm that it is leaking again and they want to replace the upper manifold and gaskets. I looked over how to do it and it… » 3/07/14 8:07pm 3/07/14 8:07pm

Hope it still works

Just finished rebuilding the carburetor for my ATV. Replaced the diaphragm assembly, all the jets, gaskets and that plastic side cover. The side cover and the spring and small diaphragm that go under it were difficult to find, but the old piece was broken in two and couldn't be mended. Hopefully i can get a nice day in … » 2/02/14 2:19pm 2/02/14 2:19pm

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